What Is Referencing ?

What Is Referencing ?

What is referencing ? firstly “referencing” in my terms is a way in which you provide an essay, article etc. with information such as quotes, examples or mentions, sources of information that are not yours. Everything we do now a days starts with research which provides us with the ‘source’ of information that we need and through this we gather useful information that will help us but does not belong to us and in order to use this information the right way we reference – giving the author the acknowledgement needed.

I believe that referencing is very important in any form of work (essay, article etc.) as it allows the writer not to restrict themselves as to what they can do because through successful research a lot of useful information can be found in order to help the writer or support any views/arguments, and with referencing it does not restrict the writer as to what information they can use. Referencing is also very important and this being from experience – referencing your work allows you to improve your writing skills as it adds credibility to any views or arguments you may have but also builds up your knowledge as you would have carried out useful research (primary or secondary) which shows a form of good wider reading and in most cases if in school this could potentially allow you be awarded with extra marks, which is always good.
Stating the obvious – referencing avoids “plagiarism” (this is deliberately presenting someone else idea/work as your own – showing no acknowledgement), which in most cases is seen as cheating and could lead to sever consequences especially if in a school environment. Other than the consequences served after being caught it tells a lot about you as in most cases plagiarism mostly takes place due to lack of time management and laziness.
Now a days there are a variety of ways to reference and this could be through subject based or personal preference – such as the APA which is author/date based, MLA which is often applied by arts and humanities, Vancouver which is used in medical/scientific papers, Chicago and turban which are different but very similar but used mostly in history or economics and lastly which is the most common form and encouraged to use is the ‘Harvard system’ which is often applied to humanities. Even though there are a number of ways we can use to reference our work universities or institutions always advice the best way in which they feel would suit you as a student. Which leads to my next point universities and institutions have taken it upon themselves to emphasis the importance of referencing in comparison to before as if you go on any school website it gives you all the information you need to know about referencing in order to avoid any problems in the future.

In conclusion referencing allows one as a writer to improve their writing skills and show a form of understanding to the work being done but at the same times allows you to give the acknowledgement and recognition to who deserves it, and with the use of the various ways of referencing and emphasis on referencing work there is no excuse.

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