In this particular lesson we explored the ideas of verticality, focusing on the city: the bird’s-eye view, high-rise architecture, the thrill of ascent and the fear of falling down.


Lucinda Grange, Crysler Building, New York. lucinda-grange-3158244


Philippe Petit – French High Wire Artist 920x920

View over Manhattan From Twin Towers. m1.jpg

There will always be a different perceptive of an object or space depending on the angle you view it from.

Viewing a city from above gives a person a whole new percepective as to walking on street level as personally i believe other than the obvious of being able to literally see the whole city in comparison to being on street level, i feel like it gives a person a sense of power over that particular space but also you develop a closeness with the city as you are able to view life from above and below – as when viewing the city from a higher level everything below you seems small and “amateur”, the most you will see is the outline of buildings (various patterns, shapes, sizes) which can be appreciated and gives a take on life as being easy going (peaceful).

In comparison to being on street level whereby literally everything is above/looking down on you and is beyond your reach – you are able to see/experience the actual struggles of life  but at the same time allows you to develop another form of closeness with the city in the sense whereby “everything is not what it seems” as from above you enjoy the calm and peacefulness also appreciating the aesthectis of the city from above – from below you are engaged to a deeper insight of the city whereby you appreciate what actually makes the city such as the noise, people, day to day life etc.


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