Street Art.

In this particular lesson we explored how supposed designers/artists influence, intercede or maybe even disturb “the streets” we live in (environment). Which raised a lot of questions in relation to identity – the likes of Banksy and other prolific artists/designer whose identity may only be manifest through their street interventions but also how it influences us (modern age) and how these particular artists/designers are using the way we all now live our life’s (in terms of technology) and using it to the advantage to raise awareness of there supposed “street art”.

In this lesson we explored a variety of street artists/designers also watch a small clip called “Turning the art world inside out” which explored artists that don’t follow boundaries of art museums etc. and artists that did not attend “art school”but are able to produce extraordinary pieces. From the street artists/designers that we explored their work i picked 3 particular artists that i would say caught my attention the most due to factors such as the supposed reason as to why they do what they do (street art), the different styles as to how they work and also how it is presented to the public.

From this lesson as an overall conclusion to myself and to those around me who may enjoy the work produced by these various street artists, i came up with 3 questions that concluded how i felt

  • What has street art taken off in the digital era ?
  • What is the point of going to a Museum ? (as i now know that artists have boundaries in order to display their work at Museums, so therefore their is a limit to their creativity)
  • Is it “Street Art” or “Vandalism” ?



Banksy is an unknown graffiti artist who is now very popular for his street art that convey a form of political activism, which are done in a sarcastic manner but at the same time combine a dark humour/meaning to it.
banksy 1                                                              “BANKSY, Shoe Shine, 2013”

4c9ec9f08b5b5af5dd4c2072ab720be3                                                  “BANKSY, Twin Towers in Tribeca, 2013”

2. BLU

BLU is an Italian artist who works in a very similar to BANKSY in terms of creating huge murals, poetic and politically engaged street art that can be found in various locations around the world from Milan to London, and also has a hidden identity.

Blu_BlkRiver_Sep10_2_u_1000.jpg                                             ” Blu street artwork in the streets of Vienna”

“Blu street artwork in the streets of Warsaw”

3. John Allen Harris

Josh Allen Harris is an artist that makes inflatable street sculptures out of bin bags or plastic bags.







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