The Net

In this particular lesson we discussed the rapid increase and dispersion of images online, also exploring the concept of supposed “poor image” and the ‘juxtaposing’ classic image or photography theory with the subject of the internet. From this we then moved on to exploring how electronic mediated communication is progressing, changing and actually altering language.

Images and The Internet

The internet has become the decisive technology of the supposed information age as now a days in everything we do we refer back to or it involves us using the internet. It has been proven that 95 percent of all the information that exist in the planet are now digitalised and most likely accessible on the internet and other computer networks.

We live in a world that is now classically based as the “digital era” as we rely heavily on electronic technology to get by with our day to day lives or activities – This is reshaping and literally restricting the patterns of ones social interdependence and every little aspect of ones personal life due to the fact of relying heavy on electronic technology as we now have programmes that can do or assist us with everything from health/beauty care to work related or organisation etc.


Which is now putting people in the position whereby they are forced to reconsider and re- evaluate practically every thought, every action and every form of institution formerly taken for granted.

Language and The Internet 

This part of the lesson consisted of some form of activity – we started by watching a clip “a bit of Fry and Laurie” which consisted of two people having a conversation and we had to analyse as we watched what was happening between the two characters. The next part of the lesson consisted of us constructing a sentence that has supposedly never been said in the history of human communication then proceed to say it loud to our neighbour, then at the same space of time – write it in an email, write it in a Facebook chat, tweet it to @LCC_CTS, send it via SMS and lastly make an image of the sentence and post it on Instagram – the point of this task was all these different platforms have their own supposed rules (e.g certain amount of characters for the text) so therefore from putting it on these platforms has the initial message (sentence) been altered in any way.

Saussure states that language is not a function of the speaker but is a product passively absorbed/influenced by the individual. ‘Language’ is conventional and it belongs to us all which is what allows it to be communicated. The influence the internet would have on language and the way we communicate is that it has changed the way we communicate with each other which could be in terms of making it easier and quicker to communicate with another person and more platforms to do so but also how the language we use has changed overtime due to the influence of the internet.


  Fun Fact – Emoji was Oxford Dictionaries ‘word of the year’ for 2015 


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