Identity and Culture

Why do we buy things ? this is a question that we have all genuinely asked ourselves or someone else at a point. The reasons we buy certain things we have could be because of  – identity construction, performance, taste and society, dress in terms of appearance/conformity or non conformity.

Moving from the firs world war there was post war consumer boom and teenage youth identity emerged for the first time having the opportunity to actually be able to create an identity but also be able to express themselves through things so as the products, clothing they have and they way they carried themselves. Which then encouraged businesses to invest heavily in marketing and branding their products in order to attract this new found ‘sub cultures’ within teenage lifestyle.

“Swinging London” – the UK becomes hip through consumer goods and the branding of pop.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 05.39.26.png                              video/mixed-boutique


“Celia Lury – consumer culture and ‘habitus’”

This is a term that basically identifies how us as humans settle in the world and in relation to the topic which uncovers the reason behind why we buy certain products.

“Habitus is evident in the individual’s taken-for-granted preferences about the appropriateness and validity of his or her taste in art, food, holidays and hobbies. It does not simply refer to knowledge, or even competence or sense of style, but is also embodied, literally. That is, it is inscribed in the individual’s body, in body size, shape, posture, ways of walking, sijng, gestures, facial expression, sense of ease with one’s body, ways of ea1ng, drinking, amount of social space and 1me that an individual feels en1tled to occupy…”(Lury, 2011, p.91)



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