Exhibition Review: Louis Vuitton Series 3


The ‘Louis Vuitton Series 3 – past, present and future’ was an amazing insight to understanding the visionary but practical creative process when in comes to fashion design. The principal mainly focused on the Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2015 collection, what was very inspiring about this exhibition is that we were literally taken through every stage of planning – from the creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s initial inspiration from the ‘Eden Project’ to the finished collection that displayed a very futuristic and metallic aesthetics.

This exhibition was a balance between modern and past, reflecting Louis Vuitton’s 19th century origins and the role the brand plays in the current fashion industry – it was in form of a story showing us Louis Vuitton’s expansion in terms of changes in technology and production, which i feel allowed us to actually appreciate the past but also the luxury and appreciate the inviolability of Louis Vuitton’s product in the present day.

A very significant part of the exhibition was seeing actual artists working on a small trunk which is one of the brands most significant and popular pieces which features the distinctive brown iconography – part of this experience we learn that the work involves the same details as an artist in the 19th century would have done working on the same trunk, each item takes at least 30 hours to create and every stage of production requires high specialist knowledge, from attaching the significant gold locks or gluing each piece of leather. Living in a world whereby all we relate to is ‘mass production’ it was very inspiring having a knowledge and experiencing actual craftsmanship.

This just really proved that all these pieces are actually works of art not just simply by how aesthetically pleasing they may be as finished products but the value behind it. To put the exhibition to a close lead us to a sort of “walk in wardrobe” and as we walk in in states that the garments we will be viewing tell us as women or girls “tales of who she would like to become” – this really articulated that in general what we wear has much of an initiate relationship with us as people, a form of self expression and identity which really took be back to our lesson on ‘identity and design’. This is why i really enjoyed tis exhibition as it was just not what i would have expected it to be – my initial thoughts were going to just view divine Louis Vuitton pieces but i love how there was a story behind it giving me as a viewer an insight and understanding to the visionary but practical creative process when in comes to fashion design and how the fashion world is a world of ‘fine art’. IMG_3314 IMG_3313


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